STEIN SCE Soft Core Lanyard / Flip Line - 3-Way Snap (3m/5m)


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AB093245 (SS-37 201 23 103)

STEIN SCE LANYARD - Work Positioning Lanyard fitted with a Captive Eye 3-Way Snap

The STEIN SCE Lanyard is a flipline designed as a work positioning device used in conjunction with an approved climbing system or as a stand-alone work positioning device.

Constructed using STEIN OPIUS an 11mm Static Rope constructed from a 32-strand polyamide outer sheath with a polyamide kernmantle inner-core. Both ends of the Lanyard have been terminated using a sewn termination. One end carries the product label containing all required information under the PPE Regulation.

Manufactured and CE certified in the UK under the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 to EN354:2010 (Personal fall protection equipment – Lanyards)

Packaged in environmentally friendly packaging which is fully recyclable.


  • Application PPE
  • Manufacturer STEIN
  • Material Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Applicable Standards EN 354:2010
  • GTIN / EAN13 5060483288215

Available types:

  1. Blue color in 3m length
  2. Yellow color in 3m length
  3. Blue color in 5m length
  4. Yellow color in 5m length

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