Garden Tractors

In general, the larger and more open the grass areas, the more important it is that the machine has a generous cutting width. If the area has lots of obstructions like trees and bushes, it’s more important that the cutting width is small enough for the tractor to move through the tightest passages. Within the Husqvarna garden tractor range we offer tractors with cutting widths from 77 cm up to 137 cm.

A Husqvarna garden tractor enables you to achieve first-class results using the cutting method best suited to your lawn. Choose a model with integrated collector when you want to collect clippings and achieve tidy results. For quick and efficient cutting, choose a side-ejecting tractor. Switch to the Bio-clip® (mulching) mode when your lawn needs fertilization. By adding accessories from our wide range, you get a versatile garden tool for year-round use.

Things to keep in mind when buying a garden tractor:

  • A tractor with integrated collector has the most effective system for collection.
  • When mowing high and coarse grass, the most effective cutting deck is the side ejection type.
  • By using different types of accessories our tractors can be adapted for collection, Bio-clip and ejection. To suit your type of lawn and mowing habits.
  • Most tractors with integrated collectors (CT/CTH models) come with a Bio-clip-plug as standard, whereas a deflector for rear ejection can be bought as an accessory.
  • Most side ejection tractors can be equipped with the 2- or 3-bin collector accessory.
  • All side ejection tractors can be equipped with accessories for Bio-Clip cutting.
  • Since the tractors with integrated collectors don’t have a deflector that sticks out on the side of the cutting deck, they can work in tighter spaces than the side ejecting models.
  • A tractor with hydro-static transmission is much easier to operate than a tractor with manual transmission. With manual transmission you have to stop the tractor each time you change gears. The hydro static transmission offers step-less adjustment while driving.
  • There are two different hydro-static transmission solutions. For maximum comfort, choose a tractor with pedal-operated transmission, where speed and direction are controlled by separate pedals for forward and reverse. The other option is the lever-operated hydro-stat. The lever is placed on the fender and is easy to access from the driver’s seat.
  • Our tractors can be equipped with a wide range of accessories for increased versatility all year round, for instance a collector for leaves, a moss rake, scarifier and spreader for lawn preparation, a front-mounted brush, for clearing driveways and paths all year round and a trailer to make your work in the garden easier.