With the front-mounted cutting deck, you have total control over your working area, allowing you to reach under bushes and get closer to fences and walls. The unparalleled maneuverability of our unique articulated steering makes our Riders extremely easy to handle. You work more efficiently, and get perfect results faster, with less effort. In addition, a wide range of accessories helps you complete other garden tasks all year round. With or without All-Wheel Drive – the decision is yours.

Things to keep in mind when buying a Husqvarna Rider:

  • The articulated steering together with the hydro-static transmission provides a smooth operation, so the job can be done with greater precision.
  • With our Combi cutting decks you have two cutting techniques to choose from. Rear ejection or BioClip®. Taller, wilder grass and coarser types of grass should be cut with a rear ejection cutting deck that can manage large amounts of grass.
  • The BioClip® method is especially suitable for well-maintained lawns that are mowed often. The finely cut clippings return to the lawn as fertilizer.
  • If your lawn can be slippery or is steep in places, or if you intend to use the Rider all year round, AWD (All-Wheel Drive) is a great investment.
  • Look for accessories like a sweeper to collect grass, leaves and debris. Moss rake, scarifier, spreader and trailer for lawn preparation, or a front-mounted brush to clear entrances and paths year around.