Arbor Rake with Back Edge (16/24 Tooth)


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Arbor Rake - 16 or 24 Tooth with Back Edge. Straight teeth on one side and a useful back edge on the other. This is an extremely versatile tool that is ideal for arborists and general landscaping. It can be used to collect sticks, comb wood chips, grass, leaves and earth. Turn it over and use it for fine raking of beds, cultivation of the ground, levelling sand, mulch and top soil. Gets the job done without pulling up turf or flower beds. Well made and extremely sturdy. Comes with a Tassie oak handle.
Made from a tough resistant nylon this is a long lasting lightweight strong rake. Used on gravel, concrete, sand pits, grass as it doesn’t pull turf and comes with timber tapered handle 160 cm long.


  • 2 in 1 rake and leveller
  • Tassie Oak handle
  • Durable and extremely sturdy


Working Width: 64 or 96 cm


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