Felco 7 Rotating Handle Secateur

Felco 7 Rotating Handle Secateur/Large Hand


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Felco 7 High Performance Secateur. The Felco 7 is a top of the line secateur, it has a rotating handle with a unique swivel action that results in longer work hours as you exert 30 percent less effort than conventional secateurs. It allows the fingers to move naturally, reducing the blisters and hand fatigue that so often accompany prolonged pruning work. The blades are not fixed in place so they are easy to replace when needed. Recommended for intensive and prolonged pruning. A superbly designed ergonomic bypass Felco secateur for the professional.
  • The anvil blade handle is designed to prevent the pruner from sliding through the hand
  • Ergonomically designed for light day-to-day pruning
  • Features a cushion stop, sap-groove, wire-cutting notch, and fine blade adjustment
  • Hardened Swiss carbon steel blades
  • 1-inch cutting capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Specifications: Cutting Capacity: 25mm Length: 210mm Weight: 290g

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