DMM ULTRA O Alloy Carabiner (Locksafe / Screwgate)


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Introducing DMM ULTRA O Alloy Carabiner - perfect for assisted breaking devices, pulleys, swivels, and shackles. With symmetrical rope baskets, it offers stable loading and self-centering attachments for minimal movement. Made from durable alloy, it's a reliable choice for all your climbing needs.

Designed for efficiency and safety, the DMM ULTRA O Alloy Carabiner is perfect for rope access, rescue systems, and fall arrest situations. Its oval shape allows central positioning of devices, and the symmetrical basket prevents rotation within systems. The patented 'Taperlock' mechanism ensures a snag-free connection and increases gate strength. Trust in DMM for superior performance and peace of mind. Colours may vary.

Available in Locksafe and Screwgate:

  • Locksafe - Auto-locking gate requiring three distinct actions to open.
  • Screwgate - Manual locking gate requiring screwing/unscrewing of the barrel to lock/unlock.

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