DMM XSRE Accessory Karabiner

DMM XSRE 4kN Mini Carabiner A531 Assorted Colours


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 DMM XSRE Carabiner. The DMM XSRE Carabiner is set for stardom. Small but mighty, easy on the eye and full of attitude this small racking element is the full package. Hot forged I-Beam body provides the backbone of this super strong featherweight. The keylock nose aids rope piercing and reduces the chance of snagging. This is the most useful high performance accessory carabiner on the market with hundreds of potential applications. You can't help but want one. Colours may vary. Download XSRE Carabiner Brochure.
  • Compact size – light and short in length to reduce the risk of the carabiner getting stuck when passing through anchor assemblies or in tight restrictions. Allows connection with very little loss of height, useful when organising gear on a harness.
  • Rated - Permits use for low load industrial applications e.g. tool lanyards.
  • High strength – I-beam and reliable high strength gate closed performance expands the range of applications.
  • Keylock nose – Reduces risk of snagging on fibres (webbing or cordage), especially suited to piercing rope so that it can be hauled into position onto/through an anchor.
  • Plain gate - Reduces risk of snagging in ‘busy’ environments when compared to wire gates.
  • Oval shape - Unique in its category. ‘Opposite and opposed’ use of paired oval connectors provides better security especially for tools at height.
Specifications: Low Weight – only weighing 8.1g. Strength: 4kn Length: 55mm NOT PPE NOT FOR CLIMBING

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