Transform Your Harness with the Petzl Top Croll!

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Integrate the Top Croll with your harness and take it to the next level.
Petzl releases a retrofit chest harness for your seat harness for increased versatility

We always say that one of the best things you can do with any purchase is to maximise its usage and capacity. Petzl does just that with the Petzl Top Croll Chest Harness.

Equipped with an integrated CROLL L ventral rope clamp, the Top Croll Chest Harness upgrades the ASTRO SIT FAST, AVAO SIT, AVAO SIT FAST, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into rope access harnesses. If you’re looking at a fall arrest system, this harness is designed with a sternal attachment point. An all around good addition to your kit!

Don’t skimp on the important stuff–the best thing you can do is to gift yourself peace of mind and an added security layer by getting high quality rope access equipment. The Top Croll chest harness delivers on many points and has design elements that make this investment a no-brainer, including well-designed foam shoulder straps for a more comfortable ride.

Take a look at the Petzl Top Croll Chest Harness‘ impressive features:

  • Integrates a CROLL ventral rope clamp to transform the AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses into rope access harnesses
  • Joins at the rear buckle and connects to the ventral attachment point with the DELTA directional connector
  • Foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders.
  • Shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
  • Sternal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system

Why wait—Transform your harness now and get your own Petzl Top Croll Chest Harness!

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