Yale Cordage Tree Bracing System


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Yale Cordage Tree Brace - The Yale Brace tree bracing system is a great value for money and easy to install. Each 90m in length, it will suit most tree bracing requirements.

Yale Brace is a non static bracing system which has numerous advantages over the traditional static steel cable systems.

  • Dynamic, supplemental support allows the tree to sway naturally, building its own tissue to strengthen itself.
  • No Drilling required, therefore no wounds to the tree.
  • Installation is faster and easier than steel cable.
  • Convenient lightweight material.
  • Fewer tools required than steel systems. ( only splicing tool and scissors )
  • Yale Brace is made from specifically constructed, UV stabilized fibres that maintain its strength and longevity for many years in the trees. 40% better than polypropylene ropes.
  • No rubber insert required to control stretch, flat braid construction.

There is no doubt that Yale Brace is the most cost effective and easiest to install of all the tree bracing systems on the market. Why not give it a try for yourself.


Available options:

  1. YALEBRACE-2T - 5/8" 2 Tonne - $750
  2. YALEBRACE-4T - 3/4" 4 Tonne - $850
  3. FID to suit Yale Brace - $175

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