Woodchuck Optional Log Lift Foot - for use with Woodchuck Dual


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Woodchuck Optional Log Lift Foot. Augment your rolling and log positioning tool with the Woodchuck Optional Log Lift Foot. Transform your Woodchuck Dual into a timberjack with this tool. Remove the Peavy Point on your Woodchuck Dual and install the optional Lifting Foot. The Dual now becomes a lift as well, keeping your log off the ground and your chainsaw out of the dirt. The picture shows the optional Foot fitted to the Dual instead of the Peavey Point.
  • Optional dual jack for getting trunks off the ground for cutting
  • Keeps the chain from hitting the ground
  • Keeps the bar from binding
  • Quick and easy clip on attachment without the need for any tools
Size: 9"
Material: 6061 Aluminum, optional dual jack
Weight: 11 pounds with Woodchuck Dual
Length: 52" with Jack attached to Woodchuck Dual
Country of manufacture: USA

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