Wolf Twin Blade Pro Lopper (Multi-Star)

WOLF-Garten Multi: Twin Blade Pro Lopper

Wolf Garten

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WOLF-Garten Twin Blade Pro Lopper (Multi-Star) (RR-VM). Thanks to a unique design principle – the variable, adjustable working angle – this lopper permits stump-free cutting of branches growing in any direction. You can even suspend it from a branch by means of the 180° offset to permit tireless cutting. The twin-blade cutting technology and the 4-fold pulley mechanism guarantee an easy cut on high branches up to 36mm diameter, thus permitting tireless working with minimum effort. Its precision-ground, non-stick blades continue to provide clean and exact cuts even after thousands of cuts. Use with the Wolf-Garten Vario handle to permit lopping at heights up to 5.70m.
  • Reduction in the effort required by more than 75% due to the 3.5x pulley
  • Angle of inclination can be adjusted by up to 180°
  • Safe cutting of branches without ladders at heights of up to 5.50 m with the Vario handle
  • Including cable guide for attachment to the Vario handle
  • Handles purchased separately
  • Cutting Capacity: 36mm
  • Recommended Handles: ZM-V3 / ZM-V4

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