WOLF-Garten Multi: Grubber

Wolf Garten

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WOLF-Garten Multi: Grubber (BA-M). The WOLF-Garten Grubber features a unique, narrow working width for more precise cultivating. The WOLF-Garten® Grubber has an extra bend in the prongs designed to travel with the surface of the ground. Meaning no more hacking the soil to break it down - you simply pull and push the cultivating tool back and forth to easily cultivate and prep your soil for planting.
  • Compatible with WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handles
  • Unique, narrow working width for more precise cultivating, alleviating damage to the surrounding plants
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Working Width: 9 cm
  • Length: 25.00 cm
  • Width: 12.00 cm
  • Height: 18.01 cm

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