WOLF-Garten Hedge Shears: HS-G

Wolf Garten

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WOLF-Garten Hedge Shears: HS-G (HS-G). These premium shears offer wooden handles and ergonomic features to make trimming the hedges easier.

  • With curved, non-stick coated blades, these Premium Hedge Shears offer an easier cut. Plus impact-absorbing dampers will keep your hands safe and eliminate any harsh motion. The integrated lever below the blades saves you effort and makes trimming the hedges easy and enjoyable.
  • WOLF-Garten hedge shears are German made, with superior ergonomics and usability features. Made with hardened non-stick steel, they are built to last a lifetime. No more replacing your hedge shears every year or two!


  • Length: 59 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Height: 6 cm

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