Unicender RG50

Southern Cross

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Unicender RG50. It's a great arborist tool. It has been the most versatile tool for tree climbers since its inception in 2005. It can be used in both single and double rope technique like no other tool. It utilises unique friction plates that allow it to advance easily with minimal friction, and virtually no "Sit Back", giving you the most efficiency per stride. Additionally, the Unicender attaches conveniently mid-line. For rope sizes 11 to 13mm, or 7/16" to 1/2".


  • For both Single Rope Technique and Doubled Rope Technique
  • Virtually no "Sit Back" while ascending
  • Conveniently attaches midline
  • Advances with minimal friction
Part Number: RG50
Weight: 10.9 oz (308 gm)
Rope Size: 11-13 mm

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