Tree Climbers Knot - Book by Dirk Lingens

Tree Climbers Knot - Book by Dirk Lingens

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    Tree Climber's Knotbook by Dirk Lingens is one of the most sought after book titles available to tree workers, climbers and ground people. Tree workers are one of the last professions still reliant on the use of knots in their daily job and they have brought the craft of knot tying back to life, particularly the use of friction hitches.
      About the Author: Dirk Lingens, has spent a considerable portion of his life researching the knots used in arboriculture today. The resulting book, Tree Climber's Knotbook is an essential collection of knots for anyone interested in knot tying. Its easy to read and the illustrations are simple to follow - well worth the investment.


      • 2nd Edition 2014
      • 78 pages
      • Spiral binding

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