The Rattlewedge

The Rattlewedge

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Rattlewedge. The Rattlewedge is the 2006 Innovation Award Winner of GaLaBau. GaLaBau. With the Rattlewedge, the arborist controls large pieces of wood without any effort. Using the Rattlewedge is also quite simple. First, the arborist makes the usual felling notch, followed by the felling cut. He then keeps a strong hinge parallel to the felling cut. From there, the Rattlewedge is inserted into the hinge, screwed into the wood and then rattled with one hand until the tree/trunk falls. Truly, to see is to believe! The Rattlewedge, made out of lightweight aluminium, hardly weighs 1.4kg and can be taken into the tree easily. Undoubtedly, the Rattlewedge should be a standard device in any professional arborist’s toolbox.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Patented, two-way ratching, screw in 'wedge' to improve security and working conditions when felling and dismounting trees
  • Controls large pieces of wood with little effort
  • Foldaway handle for easy stowage and carrying
  • Cast aluminium block with unique clockwise and counterclockwise control system
  • Much higher lift than standard wedges
  • Made in Germany
Weight: 1.4 kg
Material: Lightweight aluminum

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