Teufelberger Rope Bucket/Kit Bag (25L, 50L & 80L)


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Teufelberger ropeBUCKET/kitBAG. Made of the same material as the Teufelberger treeMOTION harnesses, the TEUFELBERGER rope BUCKET/kitBAG are novel storage and transport bags that are extremely robust. Users are able to arrange their equipment according to their own preferences—this can be systematically done with the ropeBUCKET/kitBAG's convenient system of perforations. In terms of storage, these bags take up very little space as they can be stacked conveniently inside one another.


  • Extremely robust and stable
  • Breathable
  • Permeable to moisture and water
  • Provided with a system of perforations for the easy and fast attachment of frequently needed work equipment
  • Durable, since the ropes and carrying straps are replaceable


    kitBAG 25l: This bag has the same size bottom as ropeBUCKET 50l. However, stacked on top of the 50l bag, it fits into the 80l bag.

    ropeBUCKET 50l: This bag also comes with shoulder straps and the comfort handle, which make it easy to carry. It fits into the 80l bag

    ropeBUCKET 80l: The largest of the bags, with a storage volume of 80l. Shoulder straps and a comfort handle make it very easy to carry.


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