Silky Yoki 270mm Chopper

Silky Yoki 270mm Chopper


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Silky Yoki 270mm Chopper. Versatile, multipurpose, and extremely reliable, the Yoki is a must have tool for a multitude of applications. Great for getting rid of various vegetation types, the Silky Yoki 270mm Chopper can reduce small logs, vines, and limbs to a more manageable size. This long lasting blade is easy to resharpen and is replete with a custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger. The Yoki is the ultimate tool that may be used singlehandedly, or with two hands if you prefer, that is a lot less bulky when packed with your gear. The innovative design is now available after near 100 years of Silky saw design and manufacturing excellence. This gives tremendous value for such a durable and useful tool, functioning like a bush axe, and is the best companion for hikers, hunters, or if you simply travel off road.


  • Ultimate tool to attack multiple vegetation types
  • Ultra durable, long lasting, a superior steel blade product
  • Extremely strong and sharp tool
  • Less bulky
  • Comes with a custom carrying case on-the-go
Length: 10.6 in
Color: Black, Silver
Metal: Alloy Steel
Blade Thickness: 2.75 mm

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