Silky Yamabico 330mm Hand Saw


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The Yamabico is designed to cut thin and thick branches with teeth on both sides of the saw.

The Yamabico has an extra row of teeth (with medium teeth) on the upper side of the blade. Without turning your wrist, you can make a sawing cut at the bottom of the branch so that the bark does not tear when the branch falls.

The back teeth are made to cut the bark underneath the branch first to avoid splitting, leaving a smooth surface after cutting.

This saw has teeth on the front and back of the blade. The blade is 330mm long. The teeth on this saw have NOT been hardened to allow you to sharpen them, when needed. The blades are hollow ground to reduce friction and increase easy of cutting action and speed. The teeth are non-set and have a Mirai-Me design which creates a very smooth surface once timber is cut. The blades are made from a material called Sk4 which is a high carbon steel and then are coated in chrome to reduce rust and protect the blade. The handle is made from Silkys special GOM material, giving superior grip and reduces vibrations. The scabbard this saw comes with has been designed to lock the saw in place, so that it can not fall out. The Yamabico is a PULL saw. All cutting occurs on the pull stroke. Put a minimal amount of pressure as you pull the blade toward yourself and then glide the saw forward. On the forward stroke the teeth will clear of timber or material and then on the pull stroke the saw will do the cutting again. All parts of the saws are replaceable. The Yamabico 330mm comes with a scabbard that also has replaceable parts

  • Blade length: 330mm or 13 inches
  • Teeth per mm/in: 7+10/5.9+8.5
  • Weight: 410g

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