Silky Sugoi 420mm Forestry Saw


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Silky Sugoi 420mm Forestry Saw. If you're looking for an ultra powerful hand saw, this tool is definitely the one for you. Notably Silky's most powerful and largest hand saw, the Silky Sugoi 420mm Forestry Saw is a state-of-the-art professional hand saw that is a real best-seller. Featuring a precision-ground, ultra fast cutting curved 420mm/16-1/2-inch mono-constructed blade, the Sugoi helps you achieve greater cutting speed with definitely less effort. It is hard chrome-plated, resistant to rust, boasting of an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design. Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology equals to the best-selling razor sharp blade with four cutting angles that guarantee quick work with a superior smooth cutting action. The large Sugoi has 5.5 teeth per inch, is not deterred by the effects of tree resin, and wipes clean easily. The Sugoi's large sure-grip handle is super comfortable and affords both flexibility and strength to the full length of the saw. The extremely aggressive tooth pattern is best for pruning large limbs. Each purchase comes with the custom, high-visibility, yellow plastic scabbard that can be attached to the belt or lower leg. Made in Japan.



  • Silky's largest and most powerful hand saw—XL Teeth
  • Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality
  • Suitable for all pruning tasks and outdoor activities
  • Superior design of molded rubber hand grip that encases the blade extension to absorb vibration while cutting
  • Custom high-visibility yellow plastic sheath with belt clip is included


    Blade length: 6-1/2-inch (420 mm)
    Teeth configuration: 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm)
    Weight: 0.85 pounds (380 grams) operating weight; 1.6 pounds (720 grams) weight with sheath
    Applications: pruning, trimming, lawn and garden

    *Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship


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