Silky Hayate Telescoping 7.7m Pole Saw


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Silky Hayate Telescoping 7.7m Pole Saw. A bestselling high-quality aluminum telescoping pole saw, this is dubbed "The pole saw of choice for professionals". At over 7 metres long, the Silky Hayate Telescoping 7.7m Pole Saw is one of the longest poles and has so many great features that make this the optimum cutting tool. The 42cm curved blade cuts through efficiently with its proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME teeth configuration (Smooth Cutting Technology), supported by thick ovoid poles. This oval shape provides precise control over the direction of its blade, and this state-of-the-art shape minimises chances of bending to a minimum. Adding to control and support is the double-locking system to guarantee rigidity of the poles. The pin holding the poles together works with a friction clamp that squeezes the poles securely. This pole saw is easy to use, as the wrist strap appropriates the weight of the saw to your bicep rather than your neck. Comes complete with saw blade, scabbard, sickle, and the extension pole. Made in Japan.


  • The strongest and fastest, telescopic pole saw available on the market today
  • Ideal for pruning large branches at higher positions without ever climbing a ladder
  • Silky MIRAI-ME style of teeth (Smooth Cutting Technology) is precision-ground, razor-sharp and provides an incredibly fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting style
  • Hardened teeth via a special high frequency heating technique stay sharp about 3 times longer than non-hardened
  • Hollowed blade helps saw to cut efficiently with less effort, with no drag
  • Blade is chrome-plated to provide additional strength and protection against rust and sap
  • Super fine cut destroys up to 50% less wood cells allowing the tree to heal faster and reduces the risk of disease
  • Replaceable lower sickle for small branches and undercutting bark
  • Spring-loaded locking buttons with multiple length positions allowing you to have the pole extended at a variety of lengths
  • Base pole equipped with pole-end shock absorber and award-winning, superior grip GOM rubber over grip


Material (pole): thick Aluminium alloy
Material (blade): hard chrome-plated, laser-cut SK-4 Carbon Steel
Position of teeth: inside the width of the blade
Handle: rubber compound elastomer handles, either inserted or vulcanised to ABS plastic or steel
Extension range: 7.7m
Locking system: spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension
Awards: G-Mark Award by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation

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