Silky Special Sharpening File (100mm)


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Flat Diamond Shaped File designed to sharpen any Silky Saw without hardened tips on the teeth.

One way you can tell if the saw has hardened teeth, is to take a look at a brand new saw and have a look at the tip of the teeth. If the tip of the teeth is black, it means it has been hardened and can’t be sharpened. E.g – Gomtaro, Zubat and Tsurugi can’t be sharpened.

Saws you can sharpen because they don’t have hardened teeth are:

  • Yamabico
  • Masaru
  • Zorin
  • Kamisorime
  • Sugoi
  • Ibuki
  • Katanaboy
  • Genki
  • Hayauchi
  • Hayate
  • Todoku
  • Natanoko


Not every Silky Saw is sharpenable!

How do I know if I can sharpen my Silky Saw?

  1. Look at the tips of the teeth. If they are dark and look a little grey they no doubt have been hardened. (This means you cannot sharpen them easily).
  2. If your saw is new the packaging will tell you.
  3. If we have now confused you, email or call us!

When Sharpening your saw, Silky Japan recommends that you only file the top edge for the first 2 times that you sharpen a blade. The angle that you file the top edge is important. There is an image with the appropriate angle for each of the sharpenable saws.

After filing the top edge a number of times, you will have reduced the height of the tooth. It is now time to file the side angles as the file will cut into the blade restoring the height. Sharpening a Silky Saw is a skill that you will get better at the more you do it.

The fewer strokes you make across the tooth at the correct angle, the better you filing will be.


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