Samson Blue Streak (1/2")

Samson Blue Streak (1/2") (per metre)


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Samson Blue Streak. A popular 16-strand climbing line designed to give the modern arborist a high strength, low stretch rope. Samson weaves a specially treated polyester cover over a stabilized nylon core to give Blue Streak its amazing "non-milking" qualities. This means you don't need to trim the line's cover after using a friction hitch. Easily identified by its alternating blue and white strands. Sold per metre.
  • Fiber: nylon core, polyester cover
  • Low stretch
  • Maximum firmness for all climbing techniques
  • High visibility in trees
  • Full size 1/2" diameter makes for an easy grip
  • Excellent knot-heat resistance
  • Maintains excellent service flexibility
  • Spliceable at both ends
Specifications: Diameter: 1/2" Tensile Strength: 7,000lbs (3,175kg)

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