Rock Exotica transPorter Tool Carrier

Rock Exotica transPorter Tool Carrier C5 M

Rock Exotica

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Rock Exotica transPorter Tool Carrier. Looking for an innovative and user-friendly tool holder? The transPorter gives you on-demand, easy access to your gear when needed, while keeping tool secure while you work. Its brilliant design allows you to single-handedly remove and sort gear, even when you have your gloves on! Made from solid, aerospace-grade Aluminum, the Rock Exotica transPorter Tool Carrier is held in place by a plate with removable screws, semipermanently attached to the harness. It is designed as a harness toolbox made for convenience and security.  The“wing” design gate is built-in with a manual locking mechanism, with a twin push-button configuration that keeps this nifty tool carrier locked when you need it to be secure, preventing unintentional hooking unwanted items and snagging. Leave it unlocked for easy and quick retrieval of tools without repetitively unlocking the gate. This tool carrier is also designed with a wide base, allowing for rigid attachment to your harness belt, making sure that the transPorter is upright and in place while being used with tools of any size and shape.
  • Wide, flat base keeps the transPorter upright & secure
  • "Shelf" provides area to stack and sort gear
  • "Winged" gate for easier access with gloves
  • Manual locking gate
  • Installs on a wide range of harnesses, and thickness of webbing
  • Includes 2 sets of screws to accommodate different thickness of webbing
Specifications: Weight: 95gm MBS: 181kg WLL: 23kg Max Webbing Height: 5.1cm

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