Reecoil Full Reach Chainsaw Lanyard - ORANGE


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The REECOIL Full Reach chainsaw lanyard is a handy and innovative accessory designed to give full mobility while climbing and cutting. When extended, the Full Reach lanyard stretches farther than other lanyards but still Reecoils as short, if not shorter, than others. This results in a range of chainsaw movement that is unrestricted while making cuts and handling.

The REECOIL Full Reach chainsaw lanyard also gives you two safe ways of attaching to a top-handled chainsaw. You may attach the lanyard to the rear D-Ring on the back of your saw with a girth hitch, and use the extra sewn loop to bring the hang carabiner as close as possible. This allows your saw to sit high on the back of your harness. As an option, you can attach the lanyard to the top handle using the built in second loop, making it very easy to hang your saw up one-handed onto your Petzl Caritool, Rock Exotica Transporter or similar tool hook. Designed to work with the Husqvarna T540XP, T536 and other climbing saws.

  • You will get full reach with both arms
  • Saw hangs higher on your harness
  • Two ways of hanging & handling your saw
  • Designed by climbers, for climbers
  • Stretches further than any other lanyard while REECOILing back to a compact size
  • Designed for use with top handle climbing saws.
  • Non-Tearway
  • Karabiner not included
  • Colour may vary


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