Reecoil BoltBag Tool Pouch


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The BOLT-BAG by REECOIL™ is by no means an ordinary tool bag. Designed for the needs of the modern climber and industrial athlete.

ReeCoil has designed and developed the BOLT-BAG to fit safety harnesses and tool belts.

With a unique combination of features, to make working at height easier, safer and with less hassle to reach the gear you need.


  1. Hi-Vis orange material for easy interior visibility.
  2. Hard-wearing rip-stop material.
  3. 2 x tool lanyard/gear loops.
  4. 4 x organising tool slots.
  5. Ripstop storage pocket.
  6. Ventilation / Dust drain.


  1. One-handed open and close "Pop Hinge" system
  2. Hard-wearing rip-stop material
  3. 5 x tool lanyard/gear loops
  4. 2 x exterior tool loops
  5. 6 x Daisy Chain storage loops
  6. Reinforced wear points
  7. Fits Tool Belts
  8. Fits Safety Harnesses

For work within:

  1. Construction
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. General Industry - Arboriculture, Carpentry, Roofing, Scaffolding, High Rise Maintenance
  4. Utilities: Telecoms, Power generation

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