Prusik Loop OP Heat Resistant

Prusik Loop OP Heat Resistant


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Prusik Loop - Ocean Polyester Loop

Teufelberger's Ocean Polyester Heat Resistant prusik loop is a handy arborist tool. Ocean Polyester is Teufelberger's response to the high demands made of hitch cords. Composed of a polyester/aramide sheath and a polyester core, it is constructed in a way that makes the rope highly abrasion resistant, very grippy, and heat resistant.

Boasting a extremely long service life, Ocean Polyester is also great value for money. Tested to  EN 566, the Ocean Polyester Loop is suited for a wide range of uses and is a must-have for all arborists. Manufactured on automated machines, the stitched rope connection is of higher quality and less bulky than a knot.

The static breaking force of the OP Loop  was determined using the testing method according to EN 566. Provides such durability that, after arresting a fall, it may safely be retained in service for the duration of an ongoing rescue (confirmed by T Do not use this product for hoisting purposes, in compliance with the European Directive 2006/42/EC. Ocean Polyester 8mm and 10 mm: no PPE standard

Available Lengths

  • 8mm x 60cm
  • 10mm x 50cm
  • 10mm x 70cm

Tensile Force: 10mm - 2200/5000 daN/lbs.


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