Prusik E2E OP Heat Resistant

Prusik E2E Ocean Polyester Heat Resistant


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Ocean Polyester Eye-to-Eye. It consists of braided polyester/aramide, its core of high quality polyester fibers. The mix of this material makes E2E highly heat resistant and durable. The stitched eye-to-eye Prusik are available in 8 or 10mm diameters and are designed to grip a life line or karabiner. There is no shorter EN-certified stitch pattern on the market. These high quality stitched terminations are perfectly matched to the DMM Hitch Climber Pulley. The incredible durability of Ocean Polyester E2E, even after arresting a fall, may safely be retained in service for the duration of an ongoing rescue (confirmed by TÜV). Do not use this product for hoisting purposes, in compliance with the European Directive 2006/42/EC.
Ocean Polyester E2E 8 mm: EN 795 
Diameter mm: 8
Diameter inch: 5/16
Weight  [g/m]: 1500
Weight [lb/100]: 3,400
Min. breaking strenght, free length [daN]: 1,800
Min. breaking strenght, free length [lbf]: 4,046
Ocean Polyester E2E 10 mm: EN 566 Diameter mm: 10
Diameter inch: 3/8
Weight  [g/m]: 2,200
Weight [lb/100]: 5,000
Min. breaking strenght, free length [daN]: 2,500
Min. breaking strenght, free length [lbf]: 5,620  

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