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The PROTOS Integral Safety Glasses are suitable for any head. Since the temple is length- and angle-adjustable, they can always match the size of the head. They can be adjusted individually and according to personal needs. Regulate the soft nose piece according to the nose width is also extremely easy. This ensures that the glasses are back-ventilated.

Highest mechanical strength at extreme tempe­ratures according to EN 166:2002 is not a problem for the PROTOS Integral Safety Glasses. This applies both to the visor and to the temples. Therefore, these glasses are extremely sturdy despite their light weight. In addition to stability, the glasses are also equipped with a protective UV filter according to EN 170:2003 as well as a sunscreen according to the standard EN 172:2002. Thus, the eyes do not risk being harmed by the invisible dangers of sunlight.

100% antifog (except colour #30), tested and approved according to EN 166/EN 172 (colour #30 & #60), and EN 166/EN 170 (colour #0 & #50).


  • Glasses can be adjusted in inclination and length to provide the best possible setting
  • Suitable for optical eyeglass lenses
  • The nose bridge is movable, i.e. it can be set to nose size
  • It can be pushed into the helmet shell with two fingers
  • National and international patents and designs are pending and partially already granted.

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