Pro Harness Climbing Kit

Pro Harness Climbing Kit (Size Large)


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Pro Harness Climbing Kit. This is the one the professionals use! This kit contains professional equipment that will will get the job done. It includes items that have been selected by our experts, including the Weaver Harness -- Australia's best seller -- and 45m of New England's High Visibility 1/2" braided rope. Select this kit and build around it as you get better using other products from our website.


  • Weaver Cougar II Harness (SKU: AB04016L)
  • Hi Vee Rope (Code: NE325516) 45m
  • 8mm Prusik Loop (Code: AB046008) 1
  • Alloy Karabiners (Code: KA900420) 2
  • Dynaglide Throw Line - 60m Pack (Code: NE152560) 1
  • Throw bag 16oz (Code: AB049001) 1
  • Arbormaster Weaver Spring Rope Bag (Code: AB052014) 1

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