Petzl Rollclip A Pulley with Triact or Rollclip Lock Carabiner P74


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Petzl Rollclip A Pulley Carabiner. The Petzl Rollclip Pulley Carabiner is an innovative all-aluminium carabiner available with or without the Petzl TRIACT-LOCK triple locking system. The Rollclip Carabiner with the TRIACT-LOCK locking system may be used to minimise rope-work friction while maintaining a simple set-up. It may also be used to install redirects. The Rollclip non-locking version is designed for use as a directional point for a handled rope clamp during short rope ascents. The H profile of the Rollclip carabiner ensures an improved strength-to-weight ratio. The compact shape also protects any site or field markings from abrasion. The Rollclip Pulley Carabiner may be used with a CAPTIV positioning bar to favour the insertion of the carabiner along its major axis, to limit the risk of flipping or inversion.


  • Keylock system prevents any unintentional snagging of the carabiner when fixing the pulley.

  • Gate opening on the pulley side eases installation of the rope.

  • Sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings for efficiency.

  • Available with or without the TRIACT-LOCK locking system.


Minimum rope diameter: 7 mm

Maximum rope diameter: 13 mm

Sheave diameter: 18 mm

Maximum working load: 2 x 2 = 4 kN, Pulley

Efficiency: 85 %

Major axis strength: 20 kN

Minor axis strength: 8 kN

Open gate strength: 7 kN


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