Petzl Spirit Gate Carabiner CLIP M53 S & SCREW-LOCK M53A SL


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The Petzl Spirit Clip Gate Carabiner (M53S/M061AA00) is a non-locking progression karabiner for technical climbing. Because the Spirit does not lock, and has a keylock system that prevents snagging, clipping is easier. Made of aluminium and complies to CE EN 12275 type B.

  • Should be used only for progression using climbing techniques
  • Non-locking, clips easily
  • Keylock system helps prevent the carabiner snagging during maneuvers


Weight 39 g
Major Axis Strength 23 kN
Minor Axis Strength 8 kN
Open Gate Strength 9 kN
Gate Opening 21 mm
Capacity 21 mm
Guarantee 3 years


The Petzl Spirit Screw-Lock Carabiner (M53A SL) features the Petzl manual screw locking system. This carabiner is intended for specific maneuvers, as the main carabiner of a belay for example. Very compact, it has an H-shaped profile for lightness and has the Keylock system to avoid sudden hooking of the carabiner during maneuvers.

• Carabiner optimized for greater lightness and durability:

- very compact shape ideal for stops,
- H-shaped section for a better strength / lightness ratio
- wider contact surfaces to facilitate the passage of the rope and reduce wear on the carabiner.

• Easy to use for effective maneuvers:

- SCREW-LOCK locking nut for good grip and effective locking,
- visual indicator to easily check the closure of the ring,
- beak and Keylock system designed to avoid sudden engagement of the carabiner during maneuvers,
- carabiner designed to facilitate the passage of the rope and ensure the correct positioning of the belay device,
- shape suitable for making or undoing a boatman's knot easily.


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