Ultra-Vee (1/2")

Teufelberger Ultra-Vee 1/2" per metre


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Teufelberger Ultra-Vee. The most sought after among 16-strand climbing ropes, Teufelberger's Braided Safety Blue has a blue safety core of polyamide. The exposure of the core is an indication that the rope is seriously damaged, worn out and must be replaced. In addition, the cover yarns are treated with a special formulation which enhances the product's abrasion resistance and extending its useful life. Sold per metre.
  • Proprietary „blue“ safety core
  • Plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance
  • Protective coating improving durability and grip
  • Great ease of splicing
Specifications: Weight: 7 lbs per 100 ft Diameter: 1/2" Tensile Strength: 7,000lbs (3,175kg)

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