Safety Pro 12 Climbing Line (1/2")

Safety Pro 12 Climbing Line (1/2") (per metre)


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Safety Pro 12. Low elongation Climbing Line. Designed for applications where a fixed spliced eye is not necessary, Safety Pro 12 gives you performance never before available. Its unique construction creates a rope that is easy to knot, yet resists flattening and glazing. Unique 12-strand kernmantle construction with a small core of Teufelberger's trademark blue safety yarns. Low elongation with excellent knot holding capabilities and very low bounce. Sold per metre.
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Remains firm and round
  • Excellent knot holding ability
  • Low stretch
  • Very little bounce
Specifications: Diameter: 1/2" Tensile Strength: 6,600lbs (2,996kg)

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