LV Thermal Mug Matt Black

LV Thermal Mug Matt - Black


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LV Thermal Mug Matt Black. If you're looking for a stylish, highly versatile, and functional product to help keep your hot drinks hot for up to 4 hours, the LV Thermal Mug is the one for you. As this product is watertight, you can feel confident that your drinks won't spill—feel free to chuck this stunning matt black LV thermal mug in your rucksack and it will not leak nor break. Feel at home on the hill with a hot cup of tea. With the LV Thermal Mug, freshness is guaranteed with its thermally-induced vacuum that ensures that your drinks will hold their temperature and can be enjoyed hours later. Note: Please ensure that the liquid is cool enough to drink before consumption. The LV Thermal Mug's insulation is able to keep liquid piping hot hours later.
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 4 hours or cool for 12 hours
  • High quality stainless steel construction with vacuum insulated walls
  • Durable and stylish matt black finish
  • Expansion chamber with pressure release valve in lid
  • Conforms to British Standards for quality and safety
Specifications: Color: Black (matt) Weight: 300g Dimensions:  65 x 65 x 160 mm Capacity: 300ml *Hand wash recommended as the dishwasher may impact product lifespan.

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