Klein Steel Long Gaff Climbers

Klein Steel Long Gaff Climbers


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Klein Steel Long Gaff Climbers. Renowned for comfort and quality, the rugged KLEIN STEEL LONG GAFF CLIMBERS are one of the best steel tree climbers on the market today. The 2 3/4" long tree gaffs have been specially forged and sharpened, and are easily replaceable. Climbers are afforded a great fit with a wide range of available pads and leg strap options for best customisation. To determine your size, measure from instep to 1'' (25 mm) below the knee. Sold in pairs only.


  • Secure sleeve and leg iron connection
  • Two sturdy slotted hex-head bolts with lock washers and barrel-type nuts join the steel sleeve and leg iron together securely
  • Steel split ring secures ankle strap in place and allows for quick replacement
  • Contoured leg irons help position gaffs securely and comfortably
  • Replaceable gaff climbers equipped with standard offset broad stirrup for extra foot support
  • 4-7/16'' (113 mm) wide stirrup provides greater foot support


Type: Adjustable Material: Steel Adjustable length: 15" to 19" Overall Width: 4-7/16" Special Features: Adjustable Climber Length Steel Sleeve


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