ISC Steel Screwgate Oval Karabiner

ISC Steel Screwgate Oval Carabiner KH311SG1


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ISC Steel Screwgate Oval Carabiner. 

A popular and versatile steel karabiner, the ISC Steel Screwgate Oval Carabiner has a hooked nose as standard and is compatible with a wide range of pulleys. The KH311 Carabiner is equipped with an oval connector that is great for rope access, positioning work, and fall arrest.

  • KEYLOCK (anti-snag) nose KL311
  • SG- Screwgate option
  • SS- Supersafe option
  • TL- Twistlock gate option

Specifications: (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength: 25 kN

(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength: 5620 lbf

Gate opening gap: 18mm

Finish: Zinc plated

Weight: 188 g / 6.7 ounces

Approved Standards: CE EN 362


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