ISC Rope Wrench Single Tether


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ISC Rope Wrench Single Tether. The stiff tether by ISC is vital when using a rope wrench. This allows the wrench to be held in place to create friction on the climbing line. The ISC ROPE WRENCH SINGLE TETHER kit is CE Approved (and marked) to EN 12278, with an MBS of 24kN (5395lbf). BothMBS rating and CE Certification are only applicable to rope wrenches supplied with the approved tether.
Important Note – Not for use as primary life support. Specifications:
  • (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN): 24
  • (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf): 5395
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Weight (grams): 204
  • End to end: 30cm

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