Husqvarna Work Positioning Lanyard


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534 09 98‑01

Multifunctional lanyard with multiple positioning options

When working high up in the trees, you need safety equipment you can really trust. The Husqvarna work positioning lanyard is strong and versatile. Fully certified and ready to use for different jobs and working methods. Designed to be lightweight and easily adjusted with one hand. The steel thimble loop allows it to be used as an additional climbing line or anchor point. It’s also low friction and abrasion resistant. Diameter 11.5 mm. Length 4 and 5 m. Fits to Husqvarna Climbing Harness.

Variants available:

  • Work positioning 11.5mm, 4m length (534 09 98‑01)
  • Work positioning 11.5mm, 5m length (534 09 98‑02)

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