Husqvarna Trimmer Head T55X Tap n Go

Husqvarna Trimmer Head T55X Tap n Go


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Semi-automatic trimmer head with Tap n Go function and ball bearings. The line is automatically tracked when the trimmer head is pressed on the ground. For devices of the classes 20 to 55 cm³.

  • Allows easy thread assembly.
  • Ensures less wear and tear and a longer service life.
  • Parts can be exchanged individually.
  • The service life is extended thanks to the optimized materials.
  • For dense, strong grass, but not for woody plants.

Trimmer heads for easy attachment, fast line insertion and simple operation. The trimmer line is automatically adjusted as you work. It has an open loop for easier insertion. Recommended for inexperienced users.

Technical specifications:


  • Article description "Trimmer head T55X"
  • Thread tracking Semi-automatic
  • For trimmers with straight shaft Yes
  • Suitable for motor size 42 cm³
  • Ball bearing Yes


thread thickness min 3 mm

thread thickness max 4 mm


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