Husqvarna Trimmer head T25B M10

Husqvarna Trimmer head T25B M10


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This trimmer head can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, made especially for use with our battery trimmers. Exclusively designed by Husqvarna the T25B trimmer head features a semi-automatic cord feed system which we also call Tap’n go. The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground. This means that the user always controls when the line is fed and the line can be fed while working with the machine. The machine does not need to be turned off or released from the harness while feeding is taking place.


  • Open eyelet - Provides easy line feeding.

  • Durability 4/5 - Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime. Replaceable parts - Included parts can be replaced separately.

  • Easy use - Trimmer head is easy to attach, load and use. Line feeds automatically while working and has an open eyelet design to facilitate loading. Recommended for unaccustomed users.


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