Husqvarna Safety Helmet

Husqvarna Forest Helmet


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Husqvarna Safety Helmet. The Husqvarna Forest Helmet is packed with features making it a favorite of tree and forest workers who seek comfort and ergonomics in daily work. It has a towelling sweat pad for comfort and low pressure against the head and has a 6-point textile harness. The ergonomically designed hearing protection is very comfortable even during long hours of use.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Protective helmet system includes: helmet with visor, hearing protectors, sun peak and neck guard
  • Helmet is in high-visibility orange color with UV protection hard hat
  • Low pressure earmuffs can be adjusted vertically and sideways to ensure good noise exclusion up to 25 db (A) NRR hearing protection
  • Nylon/metal mesh visor delivers reduced debris and can be easily raised or lowered for good visibility, good water run-off


    • Noise Reduction Rating: 25 dB
    • Certification: AS/NZ 1801: 1997 - Type 2

    *Replacement accessories are available, including the harness and terry towelling sweatband. Has all the impact and shock testing of the normal Type 1 helmet, but strengthened for high temperature environment.


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