Husqvarna LC347iVX Self Propelled

Husqvarna LC347iVX Self Propelled


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Battery lawn mower with increased cutting width and dual battery slots, compatible with all Husqvarna batteries for increased convenience, cost-effectiveness and runtime. Quiet, efficient smoke-free operation with zero direct emissions. Ergonomic design includes intuitive keypad, simple height adjustment and easy manoeuvring. Self-drive for easier mowing of medium-sized lawns. Bluetooth connectivity provides user with product data and information and enables more efficient servicing.


  • Variable drive speed
  • Ergonomic angle of the handle in combination with easy to reach bail arms makes operation easy.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the handle in two different heights.
  • Easy grip in front and rear for lifting into storage, the car or carrying up stairs.


  • Net power at preset rpm Energy0.75 kW
  • Net power at preset rpm3000 rpm
  • Wheel size, Front170 mm
  • Wheel size, Rear210 mm
  • Weight26 kg
  • Wheelbase665 cm

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