Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Chaps


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Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Chaps.

Husqvarna's well-designed Functional Chaps, complete with custom buckles and straps, are engineered to be easy to wear for light forestry work in hot conditions. Manufactured from tested, high quality work materials, including Husqvarna's Cordura material, it is made for maximum protection. Tough fastenings and quick release leg clips provide safety and comfort. Loose fit cut still provides the wearer with saw protection.


  • A reinforced protection pad on the inside of the chaps is reinforced to protect the saw protection material from tearing and abrasion from boots.
  • Highly ventilated open back design cut helps prevent the wearer to get too warm while working in hot conditions.
  • Accessible waist adjustment with handy buckle to adjust the Chaps for a comfortable fit.
  • Custom buckles and straps on back of leg provides easy adjustment on the go.


    Fit: Loose

    Saw protection: Yes


    • Short :     90cm from waist to bottom of leg
    • Regular : 95cm from waist to bottom of leg
    • Tall :        100cm from waist to bottom of leg

      *  All the waist straps are the same size *


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