Ear Muff FM Radio & MP3 AUX

Husqvarna Ear Muff FM Radio & MP3 AUX


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Husqvarna Ear Muffs with hi-fi quality stereo radio and mp3 aux. The new Husqvarna Ear Muffs with FM radio has a modern designed headband that centralises the pressure on the headband and less pressure on the ears. This new model has improved attenuation and sound quality and are specifically designed to follow your head shape for a perfect fit for all ears.


  • Has Audio input 3.5mm (AUX) for mp3 or communication radio
  • Noise reduction - SNR - 27dB(A)


    Certification: Meets requirements of EN352-3:2002, EN352-6:2002 and EN352-8:2008


    * Hygiene kits available.


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