Husqvarna Battery Belt Connector


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Designed for use with Husqvarna Battery products, the Battery Belt FLEXI system is ideal for comfortable, productive working far away from an electrical outlet. By putting the weight on the user’s waist rather than the arms, it reduces fatigue for longer run-times and more efficient working. It allows you the ability to carry spare batteries, oil, water and accessories easily wherever you go. Robustly constructed from high quality materials, it’s designed for flexibility, comfort and convenience.

Kit 3 - Connector Kit: Belt

  • One carrier
  • One carrier with connector
  • Accessory bag This kit comes with a connector for working with all Husqvarna battery products, including products using internal batteries or connectors. This kit works with older software. If you are using kit 3 with an internal battery, you will need the backpack battery adaptor (not included).
Weight - 1.51kg

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