Husqvarna 11.8mm Climbing Rope


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534 09 88‑11

Designed to increase your work safety, this Husqvarna climbing rope is ideal for both experienced tree professionals and beginners. Fully certified and ready to go, this versatile climbing rope can be used for Stationary and Moving Rope Systems with different mechanical hardware for a smooth ascent or descent. It features an approved splice at one end and offers an excellent balance between softness and stiffness. Diameter 11.8 mm. Length 45 or 60 m. Fits to Husqvarna Climbing Harness.


  • The 32-strand, Kernmantle-braided construction provides exceptional durability and lasting reliability.
  • A static rope for minimal stretch and less bounce, making it ideal for ascending with less effort and descending.
  • Ideal for both Stationary Rope System (SRS) and Moving Rope System (MRS).
  • Approved spliced eye at one end for increased work safety and convenience.


Available variants:

  1. Blue colour, 11.8mm, 60m length, one splice (534 09 88‑12)
  2. Blue colour, 11.8mm, 45m length, one splice (534 09 88‑11)
  3. Orange colour, 11.8mm, 45m length, one splice (534 09 88‑01)
  4. Orange colour, 11.8mm, 60m length, one splice (534 09 88‑02)

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