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AB1375300-R (08-98110)

HAAS Velox Foot Loop Ascent Tool for DRT & SRT - Foot Loop Version. The HAAS Velox is a unique climbing ascent tool that can be added to double rope systems, SRT systems, with the Rope Wrench, Hitchhiker for a faster way to ascend. Designed by Michael Frankhauser of Ohio it has a fully integrated knee ascender that captures all of the advancement made by your other foot. It does this by allowing the bungee to run past the ascender all the way to the foot through a liner where it then pulls the lower tether and ascender up the line from the bottom when it is un-weighted. The result is a smooth efficient ergonomically correct ascent that uses major muscle groups evenly and drastically reduces fatigue and stress. The New Velox improves on the original HAAS® with an additional 18 inches of bungee in the system, making the Velox a one-size-fits-all, zero set up, efficient rope access tool. Now the snap is tied just above the ascender and will extract out 30 inches, which eliminates any set up, as well as any “dead spots” in the return action.


  • Bungee terminated at the top of the Velox
  • Durable shiv with stainless steel sealed bearings
  • Machined aluminum block for maximum friction reduction
  • 31 inches of inline bungee are contained in the system at rest, allowing 30 inches to be extracted under load
  • Bungee is replaceable in under 5 min with no tools. NO SET UP REQUIRED.
  • Can be used efficiently by many climbers with no change to the unit.

    *This item is not designed or intended for life support use.


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