Grivel Mega K6G Twin Gate Karabiner

Grivel K6G Omega Twin Gate Karabiner


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Grivel K6G Omega Twin Gate Karabiner.

It features Grivel's revolutionary new twin gate design. It is a pear shaped karabiner with double straight gates. Very large karabiner for belaying with a Munter hitch and for rappelling with single or double ropes.  Two gates means twice the karabiner! Prevents injury and death by using twin gate protection. Many times in its history since 1818 Grivel has made karabiners. Now they introduce a completely new line, modern and ultra light. Grivel karabiners are made grom 7.000-series aluminium. It offers the best balance between weight, breaking strenghts and durability. Grivel karabiners are forged using the same technology as ice axes. Each karabiner is individually strength tested and has his own individual test number laser printed on it.

  • Pear shaped
  • Forged
  • Twin Gate (Straight Gate+Straight Gate)


Length: 102mm

Width: 71mm

Opening: 20mm

Closed gate: 27kN

Open gate: 10kN

Minor axis: 10kN

Weight: 2.9oz.


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