Falteimer Folding Throw Line Cube


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Falteimer Throw lne Cube.  Lightweight, ultra portable, and truly dependable, the Falteimer Throwline Cube is the ideal container for storage, transport, and use of a throw line with weight bags. Made of tough materials, the construction of the Falteimer makes this bucket a supercharged folding cube that can be employed and deployed in a matter of seconds. The Folding Cube can easily be used when you are already off the ground and climbing. The predicament of stowing throw lines without fouling (yet having them always and immediately ready for use) is a well-known and common problem among arborists. Having combined many single advantages (achieved with other gear) into one piece of equipment, the Folding Cube is really the ideal solution. During transport the Folding Cube is but a small bag with its carry or attachment strap. Throw lines and weight bags are firmly held inside and cannot foul. When employed, only four easy steps are necessary to transform the Folding Cube into a large, rigid and self supporting container. Easy handling in difficult terrain is also a bonus as it is quick to stand and hold the Folding Cube in one hand or attach it to your belt or harness. Once you are done, it's just as easy to fold everything neatly together into a small triangular bag, and you will rest assured that next time you need a throw line you won't have to mess around with fouled lines.


  • Made of tough, superior canvas nylon and fiberglass frame rods
  • Easy to stack neatly without need of dividers, due to its huge 17 inch floor and easy to load opening
  • Equipped with two interior pockets to hold up to four throw weights
  • No line scrambling - once loaded, just twist the box 3 times to create a portable throwline container the size of a tennis shoe that you can carry anywhere


    Unfolded: a cube measuring 43 cm on all sides (length)
    Folded: a triangle with a base of 43 cm and a height of 24 cm
    Contains: two pouches inside
    Empty weight: Approx. 500 g
    Volume: Approx. 64 L

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